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Singer/songwriter/guitarist Joe Bouchard was an essential part of Blue Öyster Cult, the quintet from Long Island that, along with Alice Cooper, Flamin’ Groovies and the Dictators, kept the rock & roll flames alive before the punks started their bonfires. Composer of some classic BOC songs (“Nosferatu” and “Hot Rails to Hell,” among others), Bouchard was there during the band’s best years, 1970-1986.

 Joe Bouchard – Hot Rails to History!   Interview by Jeb Wright

(Transcribed by Eric Sandberg)  

Over the years I have done numerous interviews with Joe Bouchard in support of his solo and band efforts. I always sneak in some questions on Blue Oyster Cult…this time; outside of the first question…this sucker was all BÖC! 

Enjoy this one as we touch on each album and some of the high points of the amazing Blue Oyster Cult’s career. 

Jeb: Before we get into me grilling you about one of my favorite bands, can you tell me what's new coming from you in 2018? 

Joe Bouchard: Well let's see...Albert [Bouchard, Joe's brother and B.O.C. co-founder] and I have been playing some acoustic shows and they're going really well. We're doing a show with Magic Dick from The J. Geils Band. We've always loved him. We were friends from a long time ago. He's doing this acoustic show with an Asian-American artist named Shun Ng and it's a perfect fit for what we do. 
We're also in rehearsals for recording a new Blue Coupe album. The songs are coming out fantastic. We just played a show this past weekend at a festival in Wisconsin. It was nice to get out of the house. 
The main focus is the new Blue Coupe album. We started writing and rehearsing it in April. We usually just get together about once a week and work stuff out with a tape rolling. Then we play it back and see what sticks. 
It may be the beginning of next year before the album is done, which is slow compared to how we like to work, but there are a bunch of other things coming up that may slow things down. 
My girlfriend is an artist and she is working on a bunch of paintings in 3D so we're working with the New York Stereoscopic Association. They are going to have an art show in Nashville in October which will feature her 3-D paintings and we're going to create a 3-D video for the exhibition. 
It's fun to work with artistic people. We also collaborated with a friend of mine writing some music for the Connecticut Ballet. She created the stage backdrop. She also painted the dancer's costumes. It was a wonderful experience. 

Jeb: You're way more than just a heavy metal bass player. 

JB: Well, I don't know. I'm kind of wondering what I should be doing. 

Jeb: That's actually a good segue because, as we talk about your former band, Blue Öyster Cult…you were always on the cutting edge of creativity.....



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Joe Bouchard - New Solid Black [EP] A 6 song release from Joe Bouchard [ex of Blue Oyster Cult]. Half of these tracks are penned by life-long friend John Elwood Cook, who Joe has covered a number of times in recent years - both on his previous solo albums and the albums with Blue Coupe. Cook has a knack for storytelling and visuals in his songs, and they seem to fit Bouchard's Americana old school rock approach in recent years. Gone are the 'metal' influences of his BOC days, but definitely just as melodic and wider appealing. Faves include - Drive Me Crazy, Loves Takes Heart, and guitar instrumental Roller Girls. Anyone who's got Joe's previous albums will easily like this. Forget About Love Joe Bouchard (Blue Oyster Cult) New Solid Black album From the new solo album by Joe Bouchard, a founder of Blue Oyster Cult. This is a new song written by... ” - Kevin Julie

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 'Million Miles More' is their second full length album and is a step forward in every way. Produced by Jack Douglas and Warren Huart the album is diverse while retaining a unified band sound which falls close to the BOC sound but with touches of Cooper mixed in. ” - Si Halley

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