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Posted on 4 Luglio 2022 Joe Bouchard “American Rocker” 

Concentrato sorprendente di canzoni che avrebbero potuto trovarsi in qualsiasi disco dei BÖC fino al 1981...Translated below 

This renewed interest in BÖC can only make a seasoned rocker like myself rejoice, who has always loved the band even in its darkest moments. The success of "The Symbol Remains" has also given new life to the former members: Albert and Joe Bouchard, first-person authors of some of the band's timeless classics, have returned to the market with new solo records in which the sound of the "cult" hovers mightily.

"American Rocker", out June 3, 2022 on Deko Entertainment, in this sense is a surprising concentrate of songs that could have been on any BÖC record up to 1981. Especially, to the delight of us diehard fans, songs like "In The Golden Age" or "Deadly Kisses" bring back records like "Mirrors", while the irreverent first single "My Way In The Highway" is a candidate for the best opening track of this 2022.

Do not expect anything frighteningly innovative, this record however wants to reiterate how much Joe contributed to the creation of the sound of the mother band, and songs like "The Devil's In The Details" or "Conspiracy" are served on a silver platter for all nostalgics .

A dispassionate advice: leave yourself room to enjoy the nocturnal and "rotten" Blues of "The Hounds Of Hell" or the pop frivolities of "Love Out Of Thin Air" that Tobias Forge and his Ghosts might like so much. As the saying goes: "The wolf loses its fur but not its vice" ... Well, good Joe hasn't even lost his "hair", trust me.


Joe talks about his new album American Rocker


Knock and Knowall New Album Roundup 

by Eric Sandberg 

Joe Bouchard **** 

American Rocker 

Rockheart Records/Deko Entertainmant 

One of the strengths of the original Blue Öyster Cult was that all five members were great songwriters. While Donald "Buck Dharma" Roeser was initially not very prolific, he had a knack for coming up with songs that got played on the radio. Many of the classic album tracks and concert favorites, though, were composed by either bassist Joe Bouchard and/or his brother Albert. This is why any new album released by either of the Bouchard brothers instantly evokes the memory of one of my favorite bands. 

Bouchard's latest, American Rocker delivers those memories in spades and honestly provides me with more of those 'BÖC feels' than the most recent Cult album. His distinctive voice, reminiscent of Albert's but easily distinguishable, and his very recognizable, deceptively sophisticated compositional style are combined with lyrics worldly and otherworldly that echo BÖC's early days. 

Bouchard plays all the instruments himself, including brass, but leaves the drumming to veteran Mickey Curry and brings in John Jorgenson to play some tasty Buck Dharma style lead guitar on "The Golden Age" a wistful look back at the good old arena days.