Joe Bouchard is a co-founder of the world-famous band BLUE ÖYSTER CULT.  In the 70s and 80s he played, sang, recorded and wrote songs with BÖC for Columbia Records. He retired from Blue Öyster Cult in 1986, but the legacy lives on.  Today he plays with BLUE COUPE and other bands. He is a prolific writer and multi-instrumentalist and has released SIX SOLO ALBUMS. His latest  album is STRANGE LEGENDS, distributed by Deko/ADA/Warners.

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Albums with Blue Oyster Cult (on Columbia Records):

Blue Oyster Cult (1972)

Tyranny and Mutation

Secret Treaties (gold)

On Your Feet or On Your Knees (gold)

Agents of Fortune (gold and platinum)

Spectres (gold)

Some Enchanted Evening (gold and platinum)


Cultosaurus Erectus

The Heavy Metal Movie Soundtrack (gold) (Asylum Records)

Fire of Unknown Origin (gold)

ETL [Extra Terrestrial Live]

Revolution by Night

Club Ninja (1985)

Live 1976 (Castle Communications)

Workshop of Telescopes (Legacy/Columbia)

Don’t Fear the Reaper, Best of Blue Oyster Cult

The Complete BOC 17 CD BOX SET (2012)


Joe Bouchard Solo Albums:

Jukebox in My Head (2009)

Tales from the Island (2012)

New Solid Black (2014)

Solo single:  Memorial Day

The Power of Music (2016)

Playin' History (2017)

Strange Legends (2020)

Albums with Albert & The Sleigh Riders:

Manic Panic Christmas (2016)

(vocals and instruments on Festivus & My Christmas Baby)

Albums with Blue Coupe:

Tornado on the Tracks (2011)

Million Miles More  (2015)

Eleven Even  (2019)

Albums with The X Brothers:

Dedicated Followers of Fashion  

Beyond the Valley of the X

Solid Citizens

Various Session Credits:

The Brain Surgeons: Malpractice, Box of Hammers,

Trepanation (Cellsum Records)  guitar,  mandolin

Our Band Could Be Your Life, Various artists

(Little Brother Records)

David Roter Method: Find Something Beautiful,  keyboards

They Made Me (Cellsum Records) keyboards

Mike Watt – Ballhog or Tugboat (Columbia Records) piano

James Holkworth - Don't Fear the Pope (2020 from Sweden) guitar


Producer Credits:

All solo albums self produced

Tornado on the Tracks by Blue Coupe

Million Miles More by Blue Coupe

Post Modern Living,  The Helen Wheels Band (Real American Records)

Archetype, Helen Wheels (Cellsum Records)

Burn to My Touch, Liege Lord (Metal Blade Records)

Solid Citizens, The X Brothers (Cellsum Records)