On June 17, 2016 I made a very rare appearance with Blue Öyster Cult at BB Kings in New York.  It was a tribute to our guitar/keyboard player Allen Lanier who passed away in 2013.  Below is my signature BÖC song Hot Rails to Hell.  The first verse is sung by Richie Castellano.  To the surprise of the fans I come in on the second verse.  It was a great night for a great cause.  Enjoy the video!

 The Power of Music CDs and Vinyls are is out now and getting excellent reviews.  

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Reviewers comments like this from Jeb Wright from Classic Rock Revisited:  "This is Joe’s best solo effort.  He is letting his guard down more and more, not being afraid to let his inner BOC sneak into his songs, which is, after all, a very good thing."

Or Peter Lindblad in Elmore Magazine comments: "Constructing a wonderfully etched acoustic guitar spider web in the intro to opener “Walk With the Devil,” Bouchard tosses aside that delicate knitting for rougher, growling riffs and searing solos in one of the album’s more satisfying efforts."

You can hear the full album on YouTube and Soundcloud. (click here)

 CHECK THIS OUT:  Here is a link to Joe's cover of

the Blue Öyster Cult classic song CAREER OF EVIL. (CLICK HERE).

Career of Evil is also the title of a new J.K. Rowling book released under her pseudonym Robert Galbraith.  This best selling book contains many references to Blue Öyster Cult songs including many songs written by Joe Bouchard.  It will be produced in a HBO/BBC series in 2016.