Teach Yourself to Play Rock Keyboard - Joe's new educational book for beginning keyboards

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Joe Bouchard Custom Picks

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Jukebox in My Head Vinyl LP - Autographed

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Tales from the Island - Joe's Solo CD Autographed

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Joe Bouchard: Tales from the Island


Joe Bouchard's Educational Books - 13 different titles

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Memorial Day - Joe Bouchard vocals & guitar - Latest Single - song by John Elwood Cook

Memorial Day on iTunes

A quote from the songwriter: "I wrote this song to honor my mother's brother LT. Elwood Krisher who was a WWII P-38 fighter pilot. He survived 60 missions and could have come home, but chose to stay and fight. In late 1942 he went missing in action somewhere over New Guinea. He left a proud heartbroken family and a lover. This song is for her.

Joe Bouchard is a platinum selling Columbia Records artist formally with Blue Oyster Cult. He has recently donated his time and talent entertaining our troops in Iraq and Kuwait"

Million Miles More - Blue Coupe


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With Alice Cooper on guest vocal,

Buck Dharma on guitar and more

Tornado On the Tracks - Blue Coupe's debut album

Blue Coupe: Tornado on the Tracks

Dedicated Followers of Fashion - The X Brothers Latest CD - All Covers - All Good!

The X Brothers: The Dedicated Followers of Fashion

New Solid Black - Digital Download Only - Joe's Solo Album (EP) - Download Only via CD Baby

The "More Cowbell" Single - by Blue Coupe

Blue Coupe: More Cowbell (Gotta Fever)

Beyond the Valley of the X - The Second CD by The X Brothers

The X Brothers: Beyond the Valley of the X

Solid Citizens - The X Brothers First CD - Digital Download only

The X Brothers: Solid Citizens